museums and galleries as metaverse experiences
Brig-sloop and night sky, from the HoloLens

below the crow's nest on a brig-sloop

seen through the Microsoft HoloLens

Curator's tour in the traditional gallery, in VR

curator's tour in the traditional gallery

in virtual reality

Regatta sails as an art gallery, for mixed reality

artwork exhibited on regatta sails

for mixed reality


Bridge hologram in a room, as seen through the HoloLens

bridge hologram

seen through the Microsoft HoloLens

Moran's Island Spectacle Photography Gallery

photography exhibited on flower petals

seen through the Microsoft HoloLens

Portal to an art gallery in the metaverse, in VR

portals to art galleries in the metaverse

in virtual reality

portal from an art exhibition to the next scene

seen through the Microsoft HoloLens

Content Production


ARtefactVR creates 3D content for your virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality project.

Content Curation


ARtefactVR designs and curates your bespoke digital visual space for the metaverse.



ARtefactVR provides workshops for topics ranging from 3D model creation to designing immersive experiences.