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Art and Science

ARtefactVR is the result of a collection of thoughts around the existence of art and equally, of science – the philosophy that there cannot be one without the other, that the art of science and the science of art, just IS.

Humankind is perpetually balancing on the precipice of time and space. We’re outsiders with respect to one another: either maker, mimicker and teacher, or listener, watcher and student. Have we succeeded in truly experiencing each other’s version of the existence of art or science, before now?

Forms of expression have evolved into new mediums like virtual reality and augmented reality. These technologies help us to immerse ourselves in the expression of that which needs to be expressed. If we are in it, we can interact with it; this is the concept of the metaverse. Now we now can be insiders.


Along the continuum that is the art of science and the science of art, ARtefactVR is creating immersive experiences to transmute outsiders to insiders. We extend the here and there and then and now, into the metaverse.

About the Founder

Julie is an immersive experience creator who is fascinated by creative process and its significance to artistic practice and scientific innovation.

Also an XR community builder, Julie organizes events locally and globally, such as Hack4Heritage (in-person, 2019), MIT Reality Hack (in-person, 2020, hybrid in-person/remote 2021) and tMoRPH (virtual, 2020). She is a socialVR advocate and takes part in VR events on several platforms, recently moderating conferences for Educators in VR (in-VR, 2020) and IEEE VR (in-VR, 2020) in AltspaceVR and Mozilla Hubs.


Toasterlab Mixed Reality Performance Hackathon (June 2020)

MIT Reality Hack (January 2020)

Hack4Heritage (October 2019)

OCE Discovery Conference Toronto, ON (May 2019)

iON Kingston – Interactive Digital Media Exhibition & Presentation (October 2018)

Mixed Reality Developer Summit Microsoft, Redmond, WA (August 2018)

San Francisco’s Lit! San Francisco, CA (February 2018)

HoloDeveloper Summit, Microsoft, Redmond, WA (February 2018)

Kingston Canadian Film Festival Digial Media Showcase, Kingston, ON (2017)


Market Exploration Award Winners at OCE Discovery 2019 (May 2019)

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018 (October 2018)

The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards Innovation Award Nominee (September 2018)

What is Virtual Reality? Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry (July 2018)

Digital Strategy Fund 2017 Competition Results (May 2018)

Unity-Microsoft HoloLens Contest Winners List (2017)

List of Female Founders in Emerging Tech (2017)

10 Questions with Julie Driver (2017)

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