A mixed reality story for the Microsoft HoloLens

Meet the man who travelled to California in 1849 for the Gold Rush, who was to become one of San Francisco’s most beloved characters. Joshua Norton proclaimed himself “Norton I, Emperor of the United States”, in the Evening Bulletin newspaper on September 17, 1859.

He was a famous fixture in the town, one who had his ear to the ground on the social and political issues of the day. A good number of the Emperor’s thoughts were published as proclamations in the newspapers and amongst these, the pursuit of connecting San Francisco and Oakland by bridge.

Long after the death of Emperor Norton and more than 60 years later, construction began on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and it opened to traffic in 1936. Fast-forward to today, and there is a magnificent art installation on that same bridge.

You will hear some of his story over five vignettes.